Thursday, October 22, 2009

People make me grumpy...

I hate when i delegate tasks to discover it would have been quicker and less painful to just do it myself. And now the clock is ticking and i have to get stuff done NOW on the double no help. By. My. Self. Gr.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sometimes new is OK

We bought metal folding chairs instead of regular dining chairs because they are just more practical for our lifestyle right now in the fact that i can fold them up out of sight if the two climbers get too frisky, and i can take em out and hose them down if they get too nasty...which is only practical in the summer of course. I am dead tired of scrubbing crap off my folding chairs. I decided that slipcovers were a necessary evil since i can pull them off and wash them when they get dirty rather than scrubbing snot, pudding, and spaghetti sauce off daily...especially with as much entertaining as we do.

I began researching the most cost-effective and time-effective way to meet my need. New fabric is increasingly expensive, and with estimating about 3 yds/chair and 5 chairs to cover...YIKES! The thrift stores around here have very little in regards to fabric, most of it is remnants from other people's projects and really isn't much good for more than quilting, and seem to be very short on sheets i could recycle. (I found one with Barney...and i REFUSE to recycle a Barney the Dinosaur sheet for my dining chairs. I do have standards you know!)

I started looking online for slipcovers for folding chairs and they were either as much as making my own or i had to order 100!! I finally found a site, YaYa Creations, that offered them in singles, for $2.50 each!! and Flat rate shipping!! Hey I can deal with that! They are polyester, so i can't dye them, but i can wash them and bleach them as needed!! And if i get the whim i can take some fabric paint and stencil them (or get some iron on transfers to paint) with something 1950's since that is the 'theme' i seem to be following.

They may not be a fluffy expensive dining chair, but they work for us and work with my 'bohemian' style of "this and that" and look way nicer than the crusty black folding chairs i bought on sale at the kwalget store.