Friday, August 28, 2009

I love Thrifting

I got a bunch of stuff today at the local thrift store for next to nothing as they are holding their annual 'bag' sale this week. Craft items including crafting books were $1/bag for as much as the bag would hold. I got 22 styro-eggs (original price $6), some plastic clothespins ($2), and a Crochet pattern book ($2) for $1!! I probly could have fit more, but didn't see anything i really needed because it was pretty picked over by the time me and the boy randomly went in. I also got a cool picture with "Let the little children come to me" for $2.50 because 'decor' was half price. I scored a really cool hanging lamp ca. 1950's/60's that i have been looking for for two years. I put it on the counter and the lady said "That isn't part of the sale" and i couldn't resist saying But i NEED this lamp! I can't buy it unless its on sale?" just to see what she would do. She totally fell for it and said "What? no, its not part of the sale. Its not half price." I cracked up and said, "Oh, ok. Didn't think it was, i can still buy it though...i don't care if its on sale or not i NEED this lamp." and she finally 'got it' and realized i was just messing with her and i am now the proud owner of a super cool lamp. I love my bohemian decor!! When i find my camera i totally should post a pic of it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carseat Checkup!

I am so awesome! I scored a perfect at the Carseat checkup yesterday! It pays to be Anal-retentive sometimes, really it does.

My younger two use Radian 65 by Sunshine kids, Izaak is forward facing and Hannah is still RF at 15 months old. The techs had never seen the seats before and actually had to look them up on the internet to get a feel for them while they were doing the checkup. Even though Josephine still fits in the Radian and would for another year, the tech was glad to see her in a Booster at her age. She also was happy to see that it fit Jo properly and that Jo could use it correctly.

Me and Zach got kudos for arriving IN our seatbelts as well (its a rarity in these parts for people to wear seatbelts).

They were impressed that Hannah is still rear facing, and then I stated that she is BARELY 23#, the seat is approved to rear face to 35# as of last November even though the book still says 33#, and the AAP recommends RF until 2 years now as long as the child fits within the RF weight and height maximums of the seat. "How do you clean the straps?" You are supposed to clean them??? *snort*...with soap and water and a rag of course. The only change the CPST made was to add some no-slide shelf liner under the seats because they slid on the leather too much after install. *BE AWARE!* Only use after market materials that have been APPROVED for use with your child safety seats and only if installed by a Certified Passenger Safety Tech!!

It was a good experience, and i have been 'recruited' to take the class this fall, which is OK by me...then i can have a cert behind my bossyness LOL!

all the best!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Join the Adventure!

So here i am jumping on the blog bandwagon. There is just so much that i need a soundingboard for and at least on a blog i can pretend that people care *snort*

Daily life is an adventure for us, whether we are watching a movie, eating, bickering (yeah, i have a dramatic 6 year old drama queen)...

So come on in and pull up a chair, and a cuppa coffee and chat awhile :)