Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ego in the Heart of the Home.

 I could be sitting here crying because its not one of my best days fighting my back and strained muscles, but amazingly I'm not. To update everyone, i did something to my back at the end of May, not entirely sure what happened, but I've been fighting muscle spasms, strained neck and back muscles, strained leg muscles, and out of alignment spine/shoulders/hips etc.  I have been seeing a Chiropractor to help get me back to 100%, and the treatment is helping since i am recently having more good days than bad days.  The good days of course are GREAT, the bad days are awful.

With the advent of the last month and fighting all this, my daily routine has gone down the tubes.  Most days it has been all i can do to get up and get dressed, pick out a pretty scarf, and limp through my day.  Minimal cooking, minimal dishes, enough laundry to keep my nose above water, and the rest of it just fell apart.  I am realizing maybe there is a bigger plan.   First, my Ego needed some working on.  No, really.  I do NOT like asking for help, needing help, or being helped.  I am an independent individual, right??  In reality i do need the help, especially right now when the more i try to do on my own seems to set me back in my physical recovery, which sets back the housework, and other various things like paying bills,  not just a day but rather DAYS.  One 'feel great day' can = several 'not feel good days' because i over-do it to try to make up for the last set of 'not feel good days'.  I am sure many of my friends who suffer from chronic pain completely relate.

Last week i made the goal to reclaim at least my weekly routines of 15 minutes in each room doing SOMETHING, and finally asked the kids to be involved in these tasks.  Monday the kids and i reclaimed the living room (again), Izaak even got all the trash out to the dumpster in the alley for me!  Tuesday we 'tackled' Hannah's room, and Izaak worked on the rest of the trash/legos from his room.  Wednesday i did a once-over on the entryways with a broom/mop before we enjoyed the 4th. Thursday I swept and mopped the hard floors in the living room (the goal is a quick mop of ALL floors, but i ran out of steam).  Friday was a bad day and i rested, Saturday we had company (FREE DAY!!!), and today is LAUNDRY DAY!!! 

The kids took their laundry down and sorted it into our new 'system' of labeled 13 gallon trash cans, rather than the canvas hampers we had before that always were getting wet if the floor drain backed up.  The olders are taking turns bringing up the clothes from the dryer for me to fold, and then putting the clothes away in each person's room.  

THIS is how its supposed to work.  So proud of my little family stepping up, and stomping on my Ego for me just long enough to get things done.