Thursday, October 4, 2012

CHAOS Theory take 2

The first step to recovery of anything, including CHAOS, is to admit there is a problem, then take small steps toward changing your attitude towards it.  It doesn't happen overnight, and we all will struggle through it because we forget that we DESERVE a calm home environment with clear and tidy surfaces (including the floor). With some of us its not whether we deserve it or not, its the re-teaching ourselves to not just put an item down wherever or walk past an item 100 times without picking it up;  it will be forgotten and then will become part of the scenery as 'invisible clutter', the kind where the mess seems to appear out of nowhere LMAO!  That happens to be the one concept i'm working on this month: "Put it away, Right away, Right now".  Fly Lady has given me a launching point to figure out where MY personal weaknesses are, so i can work on them.

Yes, Fly Lady is about routine, its about 'do it now', its about using your timer, and about making daily routines and plans.  Sometimes we forget that these are supposed to be OUR OWN routines and plans...and the perfectionism of following the Fly Lady system to the letter is what makes the Sad come out in some of us.  If you are feeling hung up on something or overwhelmed by one small part of the guide, maybe it's time to take a good look at it and figure out what about it is holding you back (just don't over-analyze ..).  It wasn't designed to be perfect, it was designed to grow and evolve with each person who takes up the Fly Lady Challenge.  My home has gone from a Mess 90% of the time, to Mess 50% of the time.  I have made the schedule mine so it works for my family and helps involve them so i don't feel so alone.  I have taken steps to eradicate clutter by eliminating surfaces i can just drop stuff off at.  I couldn't have done it with a smile if i had never found Fly Lady.

I urge you all, if you are reading this, to get up.  Forget about 'fire drills and hot spots' for one moment, forget about Morning Routine and how much of it you haven't 'finished' (especially if it's taking you more than 15-20 minutes to do).  Take a moment to just breathe, and stretch, maybe grab some water.  You can re-claim your home, and make it yours again, one small step at a time.