Friday, August 28, 2009

I love Thrifting

I got a bunch of stuff today at the local thrift store for next to nothing as they are holding their annual 'bag' sale this week. Craft items including crafting books were $1/bag for as much as the bag would hold. I got 22 styro-eggs (original price $6), some plastic clothespins ($2), and a Crochet pattern book ($2) for $1!! I probly could have fit more, but didn't see anything i really needed because it was pretty picked over by the time me and the boy randomly went in. I also got a cool picture with "Let the little children come to me" for $2.50 because 'decor' was half price. I scored a really cool hanging lamp ca. 1950's/60's that i have been looking for for two years. I put it on the counter and the lady said "That isn't part of the sale" and i couldn't resist saying But i NEED this lamp! I can't buy it unless its on sale?" just to see what she would do. She totally fell for it and said "What? no, its not part of the sale. Its not half price." I cracked up and said, "Oh, ok. Didn't think it was, i can still buy it though...i don't care if its on sale or not i NEED this lamp." and she finally 'got it' and realized i was just messing with her and i am now the proud owner of a super cool lamp. I love my bohemian decor!! When i find my camera i totally should post a pic of it.

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