Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brownie in a Mug!

I came across this LOVELY recipe one night, and am now an addict. I love getting treats i don't have to share...that i can make in 5 min after bed time!!

Brownie in a Mug

4 Tbl Flour
4 Tbl sugar
2 Tbl baking cocoa (the unsweetened)
dash salt
2Tbl oil
2Tbl water
1/4 tsp vanilla

Spray a little nonstick into a microwaveable coffee mug (butter or oil works too if you don't spray), mix flour, sugar, cocoa and salt in your mug. Add oil, water, and vanilla. Mix well scraping the bottom to get all the dry stuff incorporated.

nuke 1-1.5 min. Let cool for just a minute!! It is HOT!! Yummy topped with a little ice cream :)

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