Monday, March 29, 2010

The Apron

2 weeks ago i decided i needed some new aprons, and the frugal Taycia wanted inexpensive but durable. I first checked the ones on the website. Cute, big pocket vests--$19.99 plus shipping. OUCH! I know that purchases from her shop fund the program and keep it free...but I have already spent my $$ on the Rubba tools and Duster LOL!! I looked elsewhere online and found some CUTE cobbler style ones from Now, i love cobbler aprons, especially if they are long enough in back to cover my butt as i tend to wipe my hands on my butt more often than on a towel. $8.95 each for v-neck aprons plus shipping was too good to pass up! So i ordered a couple, and waited....and waited....and am still waiting. By last Thursday the waiting had been driving me CRAZY, and the link won't give me tracking info and i am grumpy. So i was working on decluttering in the bigger Attic room and came across the bag'o'shirts to be 'recycled'. Most of these shirts are Zach's old dress shirts that he has worn a hole in the elbow and i was planning on taking them down to the Cleaners and just having the sleeves hemmed but never got around to it. I had the genious idea of recycling the fabric into an apron, but wasn't quite sure on how i was going to accomplish this. So as soon as we got home from Story Time, and i got my kiddoes fed their lunch I began creating. I started just cutting and pressing and sewing and Bonzai'd zach's Blattner shirt into:

I loved the design so much that i made 2 more out of other shirts the same day. The pockets are the salvagable material from the sleeves, the side buttons are from the sleeve cuff as well. Needless to say i will be sending the Aprons i ordered back and getting my $25 back, especially since i made three aprons from old shirts in about 2 hours.

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