Monday, March 8, 2010

FLYin by the seat of my pants!

I joined Fly Lady 8 weeks ago. I had finally hit rock bottom on my housekeeping, tired of the STUFF being shuffled around because nobody knew what to do with it. i have been meaning to post about it, but have been PRO-crastinating big time.

I caved and actually checked out the Fly Lady website, signed up for her Big Tent site and daily digest email, and clicked the 'Getting Started' link in one of the big purple boxes. I read through the page and curiosly clicked the "Beginner Babysteps" link

GO SHINE YOUR SINK appeared on an image of a sticky note. Intrigued by this, i went into the kitchen and reluctantly took all the dirty dishes out of the sink and scrubbed it with some Soft Scrub (anyone with white enamel knows how stained they get). It was SOOOO pretty! I didn't want to put the dirty dishes back in, but in order to deal with those i actually had to UNLOAD my dishwasher.

By day 4 i had been shining my sink for FOUR days and getting ALL the way dressed to the shoes i hated so much (yeah, i am a barefoot girl--but the shoes do have an affect on the attitude), and i began my Control Journal just like Fly Lady suggests. Amazingly the journal seemed to help keep me on task better than any other 'tool' i had tried to use. By Day 15 i had a whole routine for morning and night, my Mt. Washmore was more under control, I was dressing to shoes every morning, and my sink was almost always empty. On top of that i had been following the 15 minutes of decluttering every day and had literally gotten rid of an entire room full of stuff just chipping away for 15 minutes each day. By day 31 i was FLYing high after realizing that Zach and I had moved over 250# of un-used stuff from our home to the thrift stores in town. I still have another load to drop off that is un-accounted for, which i need to do soon as my pickup bed looks like a travelling yard sale!

I still have a long way to go, but i now have the tools to keep FLYing high!

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