Thursday, October 13, 2011

Snappy Snappy!

sometimes my world just needs snaps. Snaps on aprons, snaps on towels, snaps on cloth diapers, snaps to make some things in my life easier.

i have thought long and hard about selling these products, but really who would buy them? The market is actually pretty small in my opinion, and i would rather share the idea for free than capitalize on it in an over-capitalized world. especially when i know that you can do this yourself as well with jsut a small investment in the right equiptment! My price/labor is minimal, it literally takes me 2 minutes to add snaps to something, and then i put my stuff away and move on with my day. I couldn't imagine the time i COULD spend manufacturing items for sale! The clutter and backstock would be epic.

i am more than happy to add snaps to items FOR people for a small cost of equiptment and time, around $2/snap ...especially since everyone likes a different style of towel or apron ;).

Here are a few samples of what i have done with snaps:

Vintage Apron, Added snaps so that the top ties crossed my back.

Dish towel. Zach got tired of them always being on the floor, so i fixed it. They can also be used for a child (or adult) bib.

snap detail.

I had added snaps to my cobbler aprons because the ties wouldn't stay tied. Then i gained weight. I needed just a TINY bit more room, so i cut the handles off a reusable bag that one of the dogs ate (yes, i have a habit of saving usable things...shhh) and added snaps to each end to make it so my apron fit me better. I can barely function without an apron as you can tell from the horror that is the vintage was Battle Birthday Cake that day...

Snap detail. I also added snaps so i can snap one of my dish towels to my apron to keep it handy for hand wiping.

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