Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Absolutely Brilliant!!

I was discussing with a friend about how my 6yo has worn through the knees of almost all the jeans i bought him to start Kindy with. As a parent, its super super frustrating to find reasonably priced clothing for kids as it is, and then to have him come home with holes in the knees from playground play is enraging at best.

Mr. Chris happened to find a cool blog with a really cool tip, reinforce those knees BEFORE they get trashed. http://thefrugalgirls.com/2010/01/how-to-prevent-knee-holes-in-jeans-and-pants.html

I took this one step further because there was no way i was going to spend almost $2 per pair of jeans when i can get a 17 x 36 piece of thermabond for $2.45/yd. (that is nearly 30 4x6 patches!) I got the heavy duty no-sew stuff for applique work. I bonded it with my iron to scraps from a pair of my jeans that were just plain worn out...almost more hole than jeans! and took care of knees on 8 pairs of kid jeans with one leg, and still have plenty of material and thermabond left over.

only tip with that method: make sure you round the corners on your patches so they don't peel up! and try not to dry jeans on hi heat, always safer to go with low.

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