Thursday, February 2, 2012

Permasick not fun.

I have been perma sick since November so i really haven't gotten too much done in the world of canning.  I have been pre-cooking and freezing chicken and ground beef as it goes on sale, though.  This is SUCH a time saver for many meals, and i get to use my Food Saver i got for free from Freecycle.  I totally recommend freecycle by the way, great way to find items and pass on items!

The chicken lately has been boneless/skinless chicken breast, but a few weeks ago whole chickens were on sale!  I quarter the whole chickens (wings go in the soup pot bag in the freezer) and pile them in my super large roaster and bake with the lid on until nice and golden, at 425 (about an hour to hour and a half).  The Chicken breasts i throw in my medium roaster (doesn't matter if they overlap) and roast with the lid on to keep the moisture in for about 45-60mins at 425.  The quartered chicken just gets cooled and packaged by 'dinner'.  The chicken breast gets cooled and  cubed up and then packaged by the pound for meals i want chunk chicken for.

Cooked ingredients just save time.  I now have chicken ready for a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and veggies, or cubed chicken ready for a salad topping, chicken salad sammiches, or stir fry!  All i have to do is add it to the pan, heat, and eat.

Canning shall commence as soon as i kick this current bug.  Always a bad idea to can when you aren't feeling well!  I have Spaghetti Sauce and Chili on deck ready to throw together and process!  We are running low on both items (i did do a tiny bit of canning one week when i felt better), as well as chicken/turkey stock, and beef stock.

In other news i have discovered the wonders of  Nony is a funny and fresh perspective to cleaning and decluttering, and she totally promotes Fly Lady as a great starting place...which is exactly where i started!!  I am now to a point where i need to hone and pinpoint MY home's problem areas.  I am not Marla Cilley, i do not have the same house or the same lifestyle, so its time for me to make it MINE.  I started out with some charts (instead of the control journal) that i can put stickers on to reward myself.  This week i have been battling a fun epic snot cold, so my stickers are spotty...but i DO have stickers up!  i was going to work on a few 'spring clean/deep clean' items, but decided that it can wait a few days until i start to feel more human.  I did get under the couch cleaned out, so that is a pretty big thing.  I also have decided to at least buy a bouquet or 2 of fresh flowers every week, if anything to make up for the fact that i have no skill with house plants.  I did buy a miniature potted rose plant, so we will see how long i can keep that alive LOL!  have to put a WATER PLANT on my weekly schedule for next week, if i can keep it alive there may be hope for slowly adding a few more.

now to head to bed and rest up to see what tomorrow brings.

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