Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sure this is a random post about laundry, but its something we ALL have to deal with.  I have always had issues with laundry, even before i had kids.  I procrastinate and let it pile up until i run out of something and then its an emergency and i NEED to get some done.  When i do get it 'done' it sometimes can sit in the basket for days, getting rummaged through until i finally get fed up with it not folding itself and fold it.

Some of the methods i have tried:

Take it all down to the Laundromat and pay someone else to wash/dry/fold...and i still have to put it away
Take up 15 washers/dryers at the laundromat myself
Wash it all in one day, and let it live on the couch because i get side tracked with real life and don't get it folded
Wash a load a day (theoretically wash/dry/fold/put away...became a rotation of washer to dryer)

I live my life side tracked.  Serious...washing dishes...oh! shiney!  Or cleaning up the livingroom and suddenly a "MOMMY!!! I NEED YOU!"  is hollered by the 3yo.   I work every day on focus because i know i can do it.  Like Fly Lady Nikki says: Focus makes you fabulous.  So i work every day on focus.  I have developed a weekly plan to help me focus, its a 'living document' and changes weekly as i tweak where i need my focus.  I finally have the 'unload' the dishwasher in the AM and run it in the PM thing down and it helps IMMENSELY.  I still have other little baby steps i'm working on for my dailies, but that one thing...the dishwasher, is a HUGE step for me in keeping my home in order.  Its like Marla Cilly, the Fly Lady's Shiney Sink.

Laundry.  I am always trying to get my family more involved in what is really THEIR stuff.  I believe i have finally had my AHA moment in this area of "Home Management" that i lack talent in, and that is designating a specific day to do the laundry.  Schedule our day around laundry, with LAUNDRY being the goal and focus...even if the dishes pile up, even if the rest of the house slowly becomes hashed and wrecked.  Get the kids involved with sorting socks, gathering hangers, and putting away their own stuff (even the 3yo knows where her stuff goes).  I am amazed at how much less effort laundry is when we all 5 team up and get it done!  This is how it's supposed to be.  I believe i shall declare Sunday to be that day, at least until something comes up and i must delay it a day or so.  This is how it shall be for now at least, until I need to change it up again to keep things alive and interesting.

Speaking of the team up motivation, the Man even teamed up with me and got the dishwasher loaded up quick so we could have some ice cream!  He knows i struggle with keeping up after not only myself (i can be somewhat of a slob...shhh) but 3 kids, 3 dogs and at times him.

One day at a time, one task at a time, one star at a time.  The light at the end of the tunnel is a tiny pinhole, but it's there.

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