Sunday, February 19, 2012

Upcycling and Folding

Today ends week one of the new 'system'.  I have already lost interest in folding laundry, but it seems that much of it may have been extras from cleaning the smallest's room this last week.  I can finish up the folding process tomorrow, and then will make it a goal to get up a tiny bit earlier than 8am next Sunday.  The positive is that its all CLEAN!!  Ok i have one load in the washer and one load in the dryer...but those are the LAST 2 loads.  I can deal with them tomorrow after i get back from a last minute trip to Glendive with a friend.

I Upcycled some Storm Window panes from our original upstairs windows into 'white boards'.  One is my Shopping list board, the other is my menu board.   I wrote the titles with magic marker, and then can use dry erase or 'over head' markers to write on them.  They look pretty neat up on my walls, and hopefully will be a great tool for all of us.

Going with the theme of the glass boards, i also put my weekly plan into an extra picture frame i had on and and now can but a star by everything i complete then erase it at the end of the week.

I am feeling very smart today, but tired.  Time to go deal with my dishwasher so its fresh for the morning and head to bed.

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